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President's Choice SuperDogs

Returning to the CNE virtually this year is the ever-popular President’s Choice SuperDogs! Different from their traditional show, the President’s Choice SuperDogs ran not only an amazing contest, but they also be produced three brand new trick training videos for you to try at home!

SuperDogs Doggy Do-List
CNE SuperDogs Contest Info
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Doggy Do-List Trick 3!
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Doggy Do-List Trick 2!
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Our contest is now closed but hope you enjoy these three trick videos! 

Want to join in on the daily contest prizes?  

  • Check out our official PC SuperDogs Doggie Do-List (see below)

  • Film yourself completing any task on the list, like reading out loud to your dog, or taking your dog on an elevator.

  • Post a video of a completed task on Facebook and tag SuperDogs AND the CNE for a chance to win daily prizes!

  • The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win!

  • If you do more than one, just be sure to post each task separately.

  • All daily winners will be contacted September 6!


  • Take your dog on a SNIFFARI—a walk where you let your dog safely follow his or her nose to whatever scents it picks up.

  • Give your dog a bath.

  • Read out loud to your dog.

  • Give your dog a massage.

  • Take your dog to a park outside of your neighbourhood.

  • Set up a playdate with another dog your dog likes.

  • Play the Shell Game with your dog.

  • Play Hide N' Seek with Toys or Treats.

  • Use dog-friendly finger-paint to make a finger-and-paw painting.

  • Take your dog on an elevator.


Want to take a chance at the Grand Prize?

  • Watch our short trick-training videos to teach your dog one of three basic skills we use in every PC SuperDogs show.

  • Train the skill safely and lovingly—remember that some training requires more time than others and varies depending on the dog.

  • Post a video of your dog performing the skill successfully on Facebook and tag PC SuperDogs and the CNE.

Daily Prizes! 

  • Plush with SuperDog bandana and adoption certificates

  • SuperDogs Branded cooler bags

  • SuperDogs Branded Frisbees

  • SuperDogs Branded dog bandanas

  • SuperDogs Branded lanyards

Contest will be running from August 24 – September 3 for daily prizes. Grand Prize participants have to have submitted their videos by September 6.

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