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Enjoy cooking demonstrations from Celebrity Chefs on our virtual stage. Each cooking demonstration includes an ingredient list and recipe for you to cook along and create flavour packed dishes at home.

Now Available


Joining the Canadian National Exhibition's virtual stage this year is the team at Organic Bytes! They have created some delicious recipes that are gluten free, dairy free and vegan for you to make at home!  

Chef Michael Smith outside
Now Available

Michael Smith

Returning to the Canadian National Exhibition in a virtual format, Chef Michael Smith will share his cooking secrets and guide paid Members in making some delicious end of summer treats! 

Presented by Meyer Cookware
Chef Massimo Capra
Now Available

Massimo Capra

Chef Massimo, well-known TV host, invites paid CNE Connected Members into his kitchen where he will demonstrate how to cook not one, but two dishes that the whole family will love! 

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